Frequently Asked Questions

Why is old roof taken off prior to reroofing?

Old roofs are removed in order to visually observe the underlying deck to determine if the existing deck is suitable for reroofing purposes. If deck displays rot, (typically wood) the area will require replacement of similar materials.

Why use a rcabc member?

Membership in the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia is predicated on requirements listed by the Association, to which every member must adhere. Not every roofing contractor will be able to satisfy the requirements of the Association. These requirements ensures your roofing contractor provides the highest quality roofing practices, guarantees, and business ethics in the roofing industry.

What are the benefits of installing roof ventilation systems?

During periods of warm temperatures, roof ventilation systems remove heat by moving air through the roof space, keeping the building cooler. In periods of cool temperatures, ventilation systems remove trapped moisture from a building with a steady flow of fresh, dry air. This prevents mould and other damaging affects.

What to consider when choosing a roofing company.

Your home is probably your single largest financial investment and keeping that investment protected means making the best possible decision when it comes to replacing or repairing. This decision goes well beyond selecting the right roofing products or finding the best price. It means dealing with a supplier that you can trust and depend upon, not only to install your new roof, but to give you peace of mind in the process.

When should I re-roof?

The condition and lifespan of a roof will depend on the type of roof system in place, the effects of the local environment, and the maintenance that the roof has received.

How often should I inspect my roof?

Homeowner roof maintenance should include roof inspections in both the fall and spring to check for cracked or curling shingles, and to clean rain gutters. The removal of moss and repair work should be left to a professional roofer that follows the codes as provided by the Roofing Contractors Association of BC.

What to look for during an inspection

As a roof ages, shingles are more likely to become affected by wind, hail, ice damming, and the hot summer sun. Keep an eye on the accumulation of shingle granules in the gutters and down spouts. Cedar shakes will begin to crack and disintegrate due to hail and our dry Alberta conditions. Missing shingles, exposed wood deck, and unsecured shingles are obvious entry points for the damaging elements.

Curling of shingles makes them highly susceptible to wind and ice damage. This is a problem on older roofs where moisture builds up in the underside of the attic, causing slow leaks and staining on ceilings or walls. Buckling or waviness can be caused by improper shingle installation, but most often results from poor attic insulation and ventilation. Air circulation in your attic is a must!

Most entry points for the elements occur at the flashings around vents, chimneys, wall joints, and valleys. Is the flashing cracked? Is the caulking dried out or even non-existent? Is there a good bond between the shingles and the flashing or is the seal gone? If you are not confident with the integrity of your roof an inspection may prevent potential problems.

Does RCABC give a guarantee to single family residences?

Yes, for a nominal fee single family homes can get a RCABC warranty see the RCABC Website.

Does RCABC give a guarantee to multi–family commercial residential?

Yes, to qualify for the guarantee, you will have to get a professional roofing inspection company and they will do inspections while work is in progress - see RCABC Website.

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